ABC Cancels More of My Favorite Shows

Is it just me or do the networks have their heads firmly shoved up their collective bums? I mean come on people! First NBC treats the long running and oh so funny Scrubs like garbage and just tosses it aside. Luckily ABC did the right thing there and snatched it up so they could finish the season with style. Sadly that was really the only smart thing ABC managed to do.
I just found out that they’ve canned both Eli Stone and Pushing Daisies. Finally we had some shows back with substance, and then they got the axe. If it were up to the viewers, I know those shows would still be around, or at least allowed to finish their stories. I really wish there was a way I could get my voice heard at the networks. I hate that they just can programs without putting it to a viewer vote.
I really think as viewers we need to protest again crappy reality tv shows, where people run around like drunken idiots in vegas, hooking up with anything that moves and calling it good quality programming. I know they keep those types of trashy shows on because they’re cheap to produce. I realize that. But wouldn’t you rather have quality? Remember how shows used to run for years? A viewer could fall in love with a show and tune in weekly to their favorite characters. Now it’s like the beginning of a new relationship with any show under two years old. We’re afraid to get attached, we’re afraid to fall for these shows, because one day the big bad network could wipe them out of existence, without so much as a Dear John letter to the viewers. Bad form Networks, BAD FORM! Aren’t there enough broken hearts in this world? At least give us the chance to say goodbye before you pull the plug. Sniff.

One thought on “ABC Cancels More of My Favorite Shows

  1. ok. firstly, Scrubs should have ended a long time ago. that show has not been funny for years. NBC dropped it for a reason, my opinion. Secondly, Eli Stone was really not a very good show and I really don’t think it needed more than one season. Most of it’s viewers came from the fact that it aired after Lost. Seriously. Also, ABC tends to not care much about anything other than Grey’s Anatomy (worst show in history in my opinion), even moving Lost around into crappy time slots so that Gray’s could be exactly where they wanted it.

    And you can get your voice herd. Organize things. Start Petitions. Family Guy was canceled by Fox and the fans bought so many copies of the dvds that its been back now longer than it was on the air in the first place. Firefly was canceled and the dvds sold so well that Joss Wheden was able to make the Firefly movie Serenity. The fans of Jericho, when it got canceled, sent it tons and tons of peanuts (i dunno why i guess it relates to the show) to the network in protest.

    So you see, put your mind to it kiddo, your a smart cookie.

    And i agree, the less of this reality tv crap, the better.

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