Almost a Decade Without a Dentist

For people that know me personally, they know my aversion to everything doctors. I grew up without insurance, and so I did a lot of home remedies or just “got by” without. As a result, I absolutely loathe going to the doctor now, even though I have insurance. It’s really sad because I’m a grown up, and I shouldn’t be so bothered by it, but I am. I don’t even like going to the eye doctor for my eyeglasses. I’m pretty good about keeping up with that one because I’m on a computer all day and I notice if my glasses aren’t working right.
My teeth? That’s another story. So I had dental insurance for a brief period of time in college, back in 01. I got my wisdom teeth pulled, got some teeth cleanings, and even managed to get a cavity filled. After that, nothing. So earlier this week my boss was telling me how she has to keep going to the dentist for crowns, and they sounded pretty painful. She was saying how you have to get crowns when you let cavities go for too long. Then she pointed out that we have dental insurance. I was like, yeah, but don’t I still have copays and all that garbage? No thanks. But she pestered me enough about it, and finally I called up our insurance. Turns out I am covered for all the basics, like teeth cleaning.
I felt so sorry for the dental hygienist-she pretty much had to jack hammer my teeth. She said considering I hadn’t been to the dentist in 8 years, my mouth was in pretty good shape. Still, she had to do a lot of work, and I thought I was going to jump out of the seat from the pain of it. My gums are still smarting today, but man do my teeth feel better. I think the word I’m looking for is clean! Who knew I actually had spaces between them? I plan on being a better patient from now on, and I will keep up with my regular checkups and cleanings, and yes I do floss. I do have to go back in next month to have a couple of cavities filled (hey, 2 cavities in 8 years, with the amount of sugar I eat? Not bad!). I will go, I will have them do the work, but I still hate it.

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