Little Ways We’re Saving Money

Today we finally got our move in date- January 24th. Only twelve days away, woohoo! I can’t tell you how happy I am to get out of this poophole apartment complex. Move ins are always expensive, even if the new place is less expensive than the old. Deposits, carpet cleaning, moving truck, and installation fees for utilities all add up.
As much as I want to buy nice new modern furniture, I know we just can’t afford it right now. We’ve actually been selling things on craigslist to help with move in costs. On top of all the other expenses, we’re also both trying to save up money for our future. Because of all of this, we’ve started getting creative in how we save money.
Here’s a little list of things we have done to “trim the fat” on our spending.

1. TV: We are downgrading our cable plan-we realized we spend over $50 a month on the cable bill. With being young and busy, it seemed like a big waste of money. Plus, a lot of evenings we turn off the tv and read or play cards anyways. So we’re switching to basic cable which is only $20.

2. Restaurants: No more dining out. We’re going to try to only grocery shop and not go out to eat. It’s so easy to cave and say let’s just eat out, and then bam, there goes $30. $30 of groceries goes a lot further, so we’re just going to eat in. Plus it’s a lot of fun cooking together and coming up with new recipes.

3. Groceries: Normally we go to the grocery store and just buy what looks good. Instead of shopping with our stomachs, we’re going to use our heads. We’re going to make lists, and stick to them. Only essentials, not food that just looks yummy.

4. Entertainment: We used to go out to the movies, or out for drinks. Now we’re hanging in, and having drinks at home. It’s much cheaper, and to me, it’s a lot more fun. We have friends over for game night, or we go to friends’ houses. Plus I go to the library where we get movies to rent for free. Free is always a good thing.

5. Gas: Now that we’ll be living closer to the gym, we’re going to try to walk or run to the gym as much as possible. Not only will this help get us in shape, but we’ll save on gas. With gas prices rising again (sigh!) it’s a good idea to save anywhere we can. We’ve also got a whole new neighborhood to walk around, so hopefully we’ll be hoofing it a lot now.

Those are the small ways we’re saving so far. Anyone out there with other suggestions on little ways to save money? I’d be happy to hear them!

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