My New Harddrive is Here

There still are good Samaritans in this world. I blogged a few months ago about my computer dying on me, and my sad broken hard drive. Well, I was telling my computer supplier about this, a guy who works with our company to get us computer parts for our clients. I asked him how much a new hard drive would be, and he took pity on me and sent me one for FREE! Can you believe that?
I was so excited when it arrived yesterday that I couldn’t wait to get it home and put it in my laptop. I guess Mac Laptops have decided that they are going to make life really tough for us techie nerds, because when I went to take the old harddrive out of its case, I couldn’t. It needs some special screwdriver: not a phillips, not a flathead, but a torx. A what now you ask? Yeah, so did I. I was pretty upset as you can imagine, having waited for 2 months to get my laptop fixed. So I came to work, and asked a few coworkers about the torx screwdriver. They said that anyone who had one of the Victorinox Swiss Army watches that my company gave out to its employees a few years back as a Christmas present would have the torx on it. Luckily my boss had one in his desk, and I snatched it up like a kid with a delicious piece of candy. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the right size. ARGH! So on her lunchbreak, my Secretary decided to go to the hardware store for me, only she forgot what kind of screwdriver to ask for, and asked for a hex instead. 🙁 So here I am-with no fixed personal computer. I’m lucky enough to have my old computer, but still. This is THE computer-the one that has access to my external hard drive, where every picture I’ve taken is on it, and all my music, and…everything. So I guess I can wait one more day. Sigh…

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