New Lease, New Life

We signed the lease today! We’re that much closer to getting out of this dump! It’s so tempting to move in now. We’ve got the keys, but we’re not technically supposed to move in until next week. It’s going to be so great not having to drive into this complex every day. We’ve got this joke that is supposed to be one of those advanced security systems, when really it’s just a gate around the entire community. It doesn’t even work properly-the main gate is always open, but the side gate is always closed and we have to drive all the way around the complex to get to our apartment. It’s all supposed to make us feel so “secure” when really it’s just inconvenient.

Before we signed the lease, we had the boy’s fire academy graduation. YAY! I’m so proud of him! It’s been a big day for us-new apartment, new career for him. We’re moving on up! 🙂

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