Our Overproductive Day

Today the boy and I stretched the Outer Banks of our energy, getting more done in a day than most people do in a weekend. We moved over a lot of boxes to our new place, getting a head start on moving. We made two trips filling both our cars, so we got a lot of the little stuff moved over.
After we moved boxes, we decided to wash our cars since it was a beautiful day. Seriously not sure what’s up with the weather but it felt more like a warm Spring day than mid January. I normally prefer the cold weather, but with the move coming up I’m grateful for the sunny days.
After we washed the cars we waxed them, and even put a coat of armor all on the inside of both. We also managed to find time to clean the apartment, and go for a walk downtown with the puppy. Oh, and this morning before we did all this, I beat the boy at a game of Monopoly. I’m not sure how we squeezed all of that into one day, but we did! I’m looking forward to the holiday tomorrow and doing a lot less. We’ll probably do a little bit of packing, but I think I’d like to just veg out and relax. We’ve got plenty of hard work ahead of us this next weekend, and I think we’d better take advantage of any resting time we’ve got.

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