Random Survey Friday

Did you have sex today???
What a scandalous question, and no, not today. But the day is still young! Maybe I should take out the sexy lingerie and surprise the boy with it when I get home!

If you were in the hospital would your best friend come and see you?
Um he better! Unless he was there too…in which case, sad for us!

What are you listening to?
Classical music that my coworker is playing.

Are you currently reading a book?
The Mermaid Chair by Sue Monk Kid. She should have stopped with The Secret Life of Bees, it was way better.

Can you make brownies without looking at the instructions?
I could probably muddle my way through it, but they’d come out all wrong.

Do you usually tell people when they hurt your feelings?
Yes if it’s important enough. If it’s just me getting butt hurt over something small, I’ll just let it slide.

Will you be in bed in the next 20 minutes?
No, I’ll still be ahem..working. That’s what I’m doing right now, sure.

What was the last beverage you had?
water and lots of it. I try to stay hydrated.

Last thing you ate?
I nibbled on some cheese flavored sunchips. They’re addicting!

What are you planning on doing after this?
Tonight we’re going to sushi to celebrate the boy’s birthday. Yum yum, numyummy. (Gotta watch the commercial to get that reference. Who’s Num Yummy?)

What does your boyfriend call you?
Tiny, Lil, Munchkin, Babe, Sweetie, Love of My Life (my favorite!!)

Do you currently have a hicky?
What am I? An 8th grade slut?

When was the last time you really laughed?

Last night after work. The boy always hugs me when he gets home and it turns into a ticklefest.

Anybody youre looking forward to seeing soon?
The boy when I get off work, and then our friends DL& KL are coming over for cake 🙂

When was the last time you saw your best friend?
This morning

Do you trust all your friends?
If they’re my friends I better, shouldn’t I?

Do you miss the way things use to be?
I’m very happy with where I am in life, but I do miss the way my body used to look. Can my metabolism please hurry up? It’s slowed down to a crawl.

Do you hate anyone?
That’s a pretty strong word. I dislike some people, but not to the point where I think about it often.

Was it a boy or a girl to call you last?
I just talked to a guy client, so boy.

When was the last time you went to the mall?

Um, I think it was a month ago, I’ve blacked it out. I hate the mall.

How are you feeling right now?
Hungry and ready for sushi.

Will you talk to someone on the phone tonight?
Probably KL if her hubby gets lost again. 🙂

Would it hurt seeing the person you like kiss someone else?
Yes, more than I could ever imagine or even care to think about.

Is your hair curly or straight?
Straight as a board, no matter what I do to it.

When was the last time you were sad?
Haven’t really been that sad lately. I’ve been so happy with all that’s happening.

How tall are you?
5 ft. zero inches. You know you’re jealous, lol.

Do you like your parents?
I love my mom and pops. I love my stepmom and dad too…just not as close to them.

Can you honestly say looks don’t matter?
They matter to a degree, you have to be physically attracted to someone to be in a romantic relationship. But I think once you fall in love, that stuff matters less and less. For instance, if D has a pimple, I wouldn’t notice, or if he got overweight, or wrinkles when he gets older, I won’t see them. I’ll see the man I fell in love with.

Do you think a lot of people think bad things about you?

I really hope not, I like it when people like me. Still I know I’m loud and intimidating, so not everyone is going to love me.

Do you continue fighting in an argument even though you’re wrong?
Nah I usually cave even if I’m right. I hate arguing.

What are you wearing right now?
Ugly work shirt and equally ugly jeans.

If a girl/guy doesn’t like you its probably because?
They don’t like the way I wiggle

Gotten in a car with people you just met?
I did that once, and it wasn’t as stupid as it could have been, I was lucky.

Are you an alcoholic?
Nope, dodged that bullet.

Where will you be in an hour?
The way this survey is taking me I’ll be here all night, but hopefully I’m off work soon and onward to sushi!

What was your first thought this morning?
I don’t really remember, I think something like why do I have to work so early?

Do you listen to music everyday?
music or talk radio

Is anything bothering you?
Just the few boxes left in the garage to unpack…must clean, ocd!

Are you talking to anyone while doing this?
Just IMing with D and a few others while working

Do you listen to your friends when they tell you that a boy/girl is bad for you?
I didn’t in the past but now I do, and I listen when everyone says how right for me the boy is. Woot.

Did you french kiss before you were 16?
13, gasp!

Have you ever had a poem or a song written about you?
Yeah freshman year.

Would you rather sleep with someone else or alone????????
I love sleeping next to the boy.

When was the last time something bothered you?
Probably a client earlier this morning

How often? do you lose your voice????????
Not as often as some people would like.

Are you a jealo?us perso?n???????
Not really. Envious… Not jealous.

Do you think? age matte?rs in relat?ionsh?ips???????
No. Maturity matters.

Do you know anyon?e that smoke?s weed???????
Yeah, I live in Northern California, DUH!

Are you in a relat?ionsh?ip???????
Yes! The best relationship!!

Are you in love???????
He just pays the bills! OF COURSE I AM!!!!!!

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