Furthering My Career

Next month I will have been with my company for 2 years. This upcoming anniversary has caused me to do some serious soul searching when it comes to my job. I’m still in the entry level position, though I have gained some new skills these past years. Still, I’m wondering if I should try to branch out and get some certificates, and move forward with my career within the company. I started looking into getting an online Project Management certificate at Saint Joseph’s University.

What really attracted me to their program is not only do they list what is available, but they also talk about the projected need for that particular job, as well as projected income. I haven’t seen anything like that on other University pages. I also liked that the pages were clean, without a lot of clutter, which made it easier to navigate and get more information.

While I’m still at the entry level, it doesn’t mean I can’t work towards the goal of becoming a project manager. I think I’d be well suited for the position, and I can see myself succeeding at being a leader.

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