Grey's Anatomy-An Honest Mistake

This episode was heartbreaking. Normally I care more about the main characters in the show than I do the patients that come in. The pregnant woman with the stroke broke my heart. I love the actress who played her, Jennifer Westfeldt, because she was on the show Notes From the Underbelly. She’s cute and spunky, and she did such a good job with that show, that ABC canceled far too early. I was sad that they killed her, and felt so sorry for Derek when the husband screams, “you murdered her!” Ouch.

Oh, and I just have to gloat for a minute because I so CALLED IT with Izzie. Well, me and my readers. 🙂 I just wish she would have opened up this episode to George instead of running around like she’s on Fenphedra. As Heather commented on my last Grey’s post, they were so close. They were best friends and now they’re just barely acquaintances. I know the writers are leading up to a dramatic episode where she’ll reveal her cancer, but I’m anxious!

Just have to say kudos to the writers, because while it’s not the Grey’s that it was the first and second seasons, it is getting back to where it was. 🙂

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