Home Sick and Bored

Well I’m still sick, and I’m bored out of my mind. I’m at least working today, but thankfully work is slow. I don’t have much of a voice, so I don’t think I’d be any good on the phone. I’ve just been watching horrible daytime tv and surfing the net. What is up with daytime televison? 4 different channels were airing 4 different episodes of Roseanne. Couldn’t they at least show reruns of Friends or something good?
So I’ve been searching the web and daydreaming about what my dream home is going to be like. The thing I want the most is a backyard. I can’t wait till I have a nice yard that I can start gardening in. I want a lot of trees and plants in my backyard, like those beautiful Flowering Japanese Magnolia trees. Those might be a little out of budget but wouldn’t they be nice to have?

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