SPT-I Think It Would Be Romantic To…

Following the theme of romance for this month’s SPTs, this week is I think it would be romantic to…

I’ve always thought it would be romantic to go on a trip together. This past week was our first trip away where it was just us, no family, no holiday, no occasion, just us going on a trip together.

Like I blogged before, we went to Seattle, and we did have a lot of fun. We were too efficient, and got to the airport really early, and then our flight was delayed, so we had fun killing time taking pictures and playing with the filters on my camera.

We had a great time finding new places to eat and drink, and just people watch.

We smooched all over town

Then when D got sick, we snuggled together and spent the day in the hotel. Even though he was sick, it was romantic spending that time just us, no schedules, no agendas, just us being lazy.

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