Trip to Seattle

This past Christmas, the boy’s parents got us two roundtrip tickets to Seattle. We just needed to get away from our busy lives for a little while. We have been so busy with the move, with the boy’s fire academy, and with work that we just couldn’t wait to get out of town for awhile. So we ended up grabbing our Rimowa luggage and heading out for four days in the Emerald City.

Seattle was a beautiful city, and it was fun going somewhere neither of us has been. Still, I don’t think we’ll be visiting a city again anytime soon. We’re not huge fans of big cities, and I think we both prefer small towns and nature to big bustling cities. We did have fun, until my poor boy got sick with the body flu. We spent our last night in the hotel bundled up and trying to reduce his fever. It was actually kind of fun to just literally do nothing. I managed to stay fairly healthy for most of the trip, but it hit me today. I spent the day with body aches and chills, and I’m pretty sure I’ve got the flu now too. I guess sometimes you almost need a vacation from your vacation eh?

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  1. I never did ask you how your trip went. I’m glad you guys had a good time and got to get away for a while. Sucks about being sick though.

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