A Spark-Desperate Housewives Recap

What I’ve always enjoyed about this show are the openings and closing of the show, and how it all ties together with the show’s theme for that episode. In the beginning of A Spark. To Pierce The Dark, Mary Alice (the narrator) talks about the different shocks we get in life, from steam cleaners to toaster ovens, to the shock of seeing your ex when you least expect them, like when Susan runs into her ex at her school.

Susan’s issue with her ex husband’s creepy kid were just frightening. He’s a little boy that draws disturbing images of people killing other people in her art class. Of course her ex husband just assumes she’s trying to punish his son unfairly.

There are a few plots going on with each main character as usual. Brie and 09Orson are dealing with marital stress yet again. I love how Orson is stealing to hurt her, because it affects her image. He knows the one way to get through to her.

Still, I think he took it to the extreme making her sell her business. It doesn’t seem fair to make her give up her dreams. There should be a balance between them.

Lynette’s boss Lucy pisses me off so much. She has a nasty attitude, and her neck looks like a pig’s jugular, ew. I wanted to smack her so bad. I LOVE how Lynette gets back at her by letting Carlos’ kids play with Lucy’s fancy figurines.

And poor Gabby is trying to get attention from Carlos, who is too exhausted to sleep with her.

I can’t believe he ties her up so he can get some sleep. So messed up! At least he realizes that he needs to be there for the family more, and he cuts back on the hours.

It was torture watching Edie forget to get her fax, which would fill her in on why her husband Dave is off on his “camping trip” with Katherine and Mike. He’s so incredibly creepy! The suspense was almost too much! Thank god she finally gets the fax and figures it out, preventing Katherine from being hurt.
I feel so bad for Edie, who finally seemed to be happy. I think she’s the strongest woman on the show in her own way. She’s not afraid to speak out and say exactly how she feels.
She was also able to get away from Dave when he tried to kill her. She’s amazing!
The finale scene does what I love, and takes us back to the opener, about shocks. Just when you think Edie is going to escape, she almost runs Orson over (who was busted stealing) and ends up crashing into a power line. The line comes down and electrocutes her. Shocking!
My theory is that Edie is going to survive but maybe she’ll have amnesia, in true Wisteria Lane fashion, and won’t remember that Dave is a psychopathic killer. I guess we’ll find out next week if I’m right.

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