Austenland Book Review

51w59cmtnl_sl500_Austenland was such a cute book, and it left me smiling at the end. I love a good romance, especially when it’s not too sappy. There were parts in this book that I wanted to swoon. Jane Hayes is a seemingly normal 30 something New York woman who has a secret obsession with Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. It’s gotten in the way of her being able to have a normal relationship, because she’s always looking for that ideal, romanticized, perfect man.

Jane is trying to figure out how to conquer this obsession and just live in the real world, when her Great Aunt leaves Jane a mysterious trip in her will. It’s a paid trip to England, to a resort which let’s her live out her fantasy, complete with Regency clothing and full on role playing for all who travel there. So Jane trades a view of steel buildings for old brick ones, like something straight  from Jane Austen’s books, determined to kick this habit once and for all, calling it, “emersion therapy”.

I love that Jane is so human, and so relatable. She’s insecure, she is way too inside her own head. She meets a man, and immediately starts planning their future together. I can completely relate to that feeling, and her inner dialogue kept me cracking up throughout the book. I highly recommend this book.

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