Ghost Town-DVD Review

agle Eye 1-shtThis movie completely took me by surprise. I thought it might be a little bit funny, in that quirky, British humor sort of way. But I didn’t expect such a feel good movie, complete with a soundtrack and score that made me want to run out and download it. I think Ricky Gervais was perfect for the  role of Bertram Pincus, the completely antisocial jerk, who is still loveable.

The movie is a story about a dentist who seems to be slightly OCD, who dislikes people in general. He’s the kind of guy who won’t hold a door, and presses the close door button on the elevator rather than share it with someone. He’s brash, he doesn’t seem to understand social rules at all (he tells a woman how much her present cost, just so she’d know it was expensive) and he makes horrible jokes that he laughs at himself.

After an accident in which he technically dies for a few minutes during a colonoscopy, before being revived again, he is left with a strange side effect. He can see ghosts.  They all want something from him, and want his help with their unfinished business. I won’t tell you the details, but I’m sure you can guess that through these ghosts, our socially retarded Bertram starts to develop some people skills.

I am planning on buying this DVD, because it’s the kind of film you can watch over and over again. It’s a perfect stay at home date night movie.

2 thoughts on “Ghost Town-DVD Review

  1. I thought Ghost Town was decent. It was funny for the first, oh, half an hour or so. After that it became incredibly bland and very predictable with sparse short laughs. This movie made me understand why the British hate Gervis. Also Tea Linoi is one of my least favorite actors every, and I hate every minute of any movie that she is on the screen. I didn’t hate Ghost Town, but I didn’t love it. With it’s incredibly standard story and mild humor, it was good enough to watch once, and not want my money back. Let me put it this way, this was the first time I’ve thought about it since I saw it in theatres. But I am glad you liked it 🙂

  2. I agree that Tea Leoni is by far one of the more annoying actresses out there, but luckily her part in this movie wasn’t very substantial. At least she didn’t have a huge amount of lines or time on the screen. Plus I can think of a few actresses that would be worse. Winona Ryder comes to mind-she really ruined Mr. Deeds for me…
    That aside, I thought that Gervais was a great actor-very funny, and pulled the part off well. I wouldn’t watch him it a sitcom, but I thought he did great in this role.
    I’m glad you didn’t hate it, lol.

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