The Front Porch-How I Met Your Mother Recap

2First of all, I love how all the friends are so honest with each other. That’s exactly what good friends mean to me, and I think it makes the show feel that much more real.

So the opening of the show the group is showing open disgust for Ted’s new girlfriend Karen, whom I also despise.

In this episode, Karen dumps Ted for finding Robin’s earring in his bed. Then Ted finds the other earring in Lily’s bedroom, and finds out she’s been breaking up Ted’s dead end relationships to try to protect him. She tells him about how she pictures them all growing old together, sitting on their front porch playing bridge, and she wants Ted’s wife to fit in. It’s her “Front Porch Theory” and I love it.

Ted and Lily have a huge fight, where he says he doesn’t want to be friends anymore. Then he realizes that she was really helping him, and he forgives her.

Sprinkled into the serious stuff is a funny little dialogue between Barney and Marshall regarding nightshirts. It really is just better to watch it than to write about it. All I will say is there is a Scrooge reference that cracked me up.

It was a great episode but I hated the underlying sexual tension between Robin and Ted. I really hate them as a couple, and it’s such a dead end. I definitely don’t see wedding invitations in their future, so why waste our time by revisiting that flawed relationship?

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