The Stinsons-How I Met Your Mother Recap

Once again How I Met Your Mother writers strike comedic gold. Prepare for spoilers!


Barney is a show stealer, and this episode is no exception. The gang notices that Barney has been acting really strange, and they think maybe he has a girlfriend. They follow him when he leaves mysteriously, and even up at a house with an elderly woman. “You really don’t have a type do you?” Lily says. Turns out the woman is Barney’s mom. But that’s not the biggest shock-Barney’s “wife” makes an entrance, followed by their “son”.

Barney has hired paid actors to play his wife and son so that his mom will think he’s got a happy family. It’s pretty classic watching the expressions of the group when they discover this sham.

It gets better when Marshall and Lily listen to Barney’s mom relive tales of her youth. “I was a whore, dear.” Meanwhile, Ted is clicking with Barney’s fake wife, and they end up making out, which everyone, including Barney’s mom walk in on. This forces the truth out of Barney, and his mom isn’t mad, in fact she confesses to how much she couldn’t stand his wife and kid.

It was a great show full of one liners, and now a new love interest for Ted. I’m not sure if she’ll be the mother, but at least he met someone again. I’m looking forward to them developing that storyline further.

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