Troubled Waters-Brothers & Sisters Recap

It’s been awhile since I wrote a recap of a Brothers & Sisters episode. Lately I haven’t been too impressed with the story line, but this 2 hour long episode was intense.

In “Troubled Waters”, Robert and Kitty’s birth mom is having their baby. It’s supposed to be thekitty happiest day of their lives, and instead, Robert doesn’t show up. He chooses to hold a press conference and announces his campaign for Governor, instead of going to the hospital to watch their son’s birth. It’s appalling his complete lack of regard for his new baby.

03Then, as if poor Kitty didn’t have enough to deal with, Robert has a heart attack on his way to see their baby. Most likely his heart troubles come from the stress of his work. He even stubbornly tries to opt for a surgery that will require less recovery time, over the doctor recommended surgery that is safer and will save his life. Kitty stands up to him, finally, and tells him to put his family first, instead of his career. Even so, Robert still chooses his career above his family. I’m disappointed in the writers because he used to be so good to Kitty, and she was finally happy. I guess that’s what they have to do for ratings. Still, it’s discouraging.

The episode also shows off Justin’s knowledge of medicine, while he tries to calm the family down. I’m so glad he wants to be a doctor. It’s good that they’re giving him a purpose.

The whole story of Tommy and Holly is frustrating. I don’t like how underhanded Tommy was with her. I know Holly weaseled her way into the company, but still, being a weasel back wasn’t the answer. Now Holly has all the power, and she used it. He’s probably going to go to jail, and it’s going to cause even more sadness in the family.

I thought this was a great episode, and the scene with Ryan at the end was a great cliffhanger. I can’t wait to see how all the siblings react.

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