Desperate Housewives Off Edie Britt

250px-edie_britt_2006I’m sad that Nicollette Sheridan’s character Edie has been killed off on Desperate Housewives. I would have been much happier to see Katherine’s character kick the bucket, but I guess the writers had their reasons. At least they didn’t just kill her and that was that. They actually had a nice memorial, with a full on tribute episode dedicated to Edie. She was the strongest character on the show and while she may have had loose morals, she was at least honest.
Now the question is, what’s going to happen with that creepy husband of hers? Is anyone going to find out what he tried to do to Mike and Katherine? Also, I wonder if Nicollette is going to still do guest appearances, since they have so many flashbacks in the show now.

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