Fast & Furious-Movie Review

Walking into the theater with my boyfriend holding hands, amongst the teenagers giggling around us, I felt like I was in high school again. We were probably the oldest couple there, but we couldn’t resist the nostalgia that Fast and Furious would bring for us. The original movie came out in 2001, the summer after

 my high school graduation. It was cheesy, but there was something about those fast cars and crazy, unbelievable maneuvers. Then they came out with three other movies that were far cheesier, and that most people didn’t bother watching.
When Fast and Furious came out, with most of the original cast, we knew we had to see it, if even for the nostalgia. I have to say I went into the theater not expecting much. I thought maybe we’d laugh at Paul Rudd’s cheeseball attempts at acting, and maybe I’d get a few goosebumps over Vinn Diesel’s sexy voice.
I was surprised to say that the storyline didn’t suck, and it actually kept my attention throughout the movie. Paul Rudd’s acting was still terrible, but the movie was good enough that you could ignore it. The action scenes were awesome, and the cars were far less ridiculous looking. They downplayed the decals in exchange for better cars, such as the Subaru Impreza WRX STI. When that car came on the screen, I thought my boyfriend was going to pee his pants with excitement (he owns a WRX, non STI version, so he was thrilled). My only complaint was that all the women in the movies, except for Michelle Rodriguez, were all dangerously thin. I love that Michelle rocked the curves, and has that real woman look. Jordana Brewster on the other hand, looked like she’d been downing appetite suppressants like they 


were candy. But I really didn’t expect women of substance in a movie like this.

Overall, it was a fun movie to watch, and far superior to the other three. I’d watch it again on video, just for the crazy intro scene alone, where Letty maneuvers between Dom’s car and a semi truck while racing down the highway. That’ll grab your attention in the first five minutes.

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