Mosbius Designs-How I Met Your Mother Episode Recap

donuts_jpg_595x1000_q85This week’s episode starts out with the guys laughing about a joke. Lily sits down and asks what the joke is. Ted and Marshall insists that Lily won’t like the joke, because it’s guy funny, not girl funny. He tells it anyway, but because it’s the “dirtiest joke ever” Ted won’t repeat it. So of course I’m compelled to search the internet for the punchline to “What’s the difference between jam and peanut butter?” I googled it, and well, yeah it is definitely guy funny, and I’m not repeating it on my blog! The punchline results in Lily storming off while Future Ted narrates, “And we didn’t see Lily again for 4 weeks”.

The rest of this episode follows Ted on his journey to starting his own architecture company. He’s nervous so he’s procrastinating. He’s also set up his home office in his apartment with Robin. He even hired an assistant, PJ, who ends up in bed with Robin.

Elsewhere, Marshall is trying to come up with a “thing that makes him a guy”. He decides on becoming Sports Guy and everyone in the office places their bets with him for his fantasy baseball league. He ends up carrying a lot of money, and panicking, typical Marshall style.

Back at Mosbius Designs, Ted fires PJ because he stops being a good worker, and becomes obsessed with Robin (seriously don’t know what he sees in her). Then he becomes all needy, and Robin dumps him, so Ted hires him back. This of course creates a creepy tug of war between Robin and PJ.

Meanwhile, Barney confesses his love for Robin to Marshall, who of course already knew. He agrees to help break PJ and Robin up, because it’s killing Barney to hear that she’s sleeping with him. Watching Barney struggle with his inner player as he confesses his love is pretty funny. “No I don’t love her, I just miss her when she’s not here, I think about her all the time, and one day I dream of us running towards each other in slow motion”. Marshall ends up hiring PJ as his assistant to help him with his fantasy baseball league and helping him stay the sports guy without all the stress.

I thought this was an interesting episode, the way Lily wasn’t in it, and they excuse it away because she’s offended by the joke in the beginning credits. My theory is that she wasn’t in the episode due to her pregnancy, but I’m not sure. I thought it lacked that special dynamic that Marshall and Lily share. I still thought it was a funny episode, especially the wackiness that goes on at Marshall and Barney’s work ( I really want to work there!) but it wasn’t the best of the season.

I keep wondering what they’re going to do the for the season finale this year. I’m thinking maybe they will 6a00d8341c630a53ef01156eabc453970c-300wiannounce that Lily is pregnant-it seems only fitting since the actress Alyson Hannigan actually is in real life (or at least was during this season’s filming).
I think a pregnancy would just add to the growth of the show, and maybe anchor down the plotline a little. I’m sick of seeing loser Ted, I’m ready for the Ted that’s going to find his future wife.

I’m also ready to see this love story between Barney and Robin go somewhere. Robin has been just as big a loser as Ted, and it’d be good to see her back on her feet. I don’t like her character that much, but I think she works with Barney, and without her, I think the show would be lacking.

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