Scrubs-My Full Moon Episode Recap

This episode was interesting because JD, Carla, and most of the main characters weren’t even in it. I’m not sure why they weren’t, but the episode was still great without them. It focused on Elliot and Turk and babysitting the interns. There were some classic quotes, like one intern to another arrogant one, saying, “Ohhh, you’re in love with yourself. Well I’d be careful because that guy you’re in love with is a real douche.”
Elliot and Turk get to talking at the end of the episode about whether or not they will still be doctors when they for the rest of their lives. Elliot makes a surprising admission by saying that the sad moments of her job really stick with her, and if she gets married and has kids she might just walk away from this life and never look back.
Since this is the last season, I wonder if it will end with her and JD finally getting hitched, and her getting pregnant. I think it’d be a cool way to wrap up the show, but I’d like to see her stay as a doctor. I mean, wasn’t that the whole point? Them all being doctors together, working at Sacred Heart?
It’s always interesting to see where writers will take a show during the final wrap up. I’m happy to see that these final episodes still have that same humor they did the first season. That dance scene between Elliot and Turk about the “HIVY” was hilarious. I think I need to learn that dance, she’s got the hivy, the hivy.

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