Wall-e: DVD Review

wall-e-poster3When I rented Wall-e, I thought I was in for a light hearted movie about a cute little robot. Good wholesome, brainless Disney-PIXAR fun. What I didn’t expect was a movie that focused on Americans and our increasing problems with laziness, wastefulness, and obesity. It paints the picture of a world overflowing with trash, where we’ve created robots to basically do everything for us. Humans are fat little orbs who chat on computers and never really look at one another. In their own little hover bubbles, they suck down liquid cupcakes and lead a boring existence in space, because Earth has been turned into a giant trash heap.
If you’re at home on social security disability because you’ve gotten too fat to get out of your computer chair, then this movie is a wake up call for you. I was amazed by the amount of depth in this little cartoon movie. Of course it was still cutesy and fun, with a love story about two robots, and adorable sound effects from the little robot with the big heart. Still, it had amazing insight for an animated movie, and really hits home considering our current habits as a wasteful, lazy, and drastically overweight population. I think a lot can be learned from the overall message of this movie. Plus, it was just fun to watch!

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  1. as i sit on my fat ass at my computer reading this…heh. I havn’t gotten to Wall-E yet, but I’ve never heard a bad word about it. Maybe I’ll get to it someday.

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