Grey's Anatomy-Season Finale

This latest finale of Grey’s left us with the biggest cliff hanger of all seasons combined. When Izzie is on the elevator in the dress she saw Denny in, my heart sank. And when the doors opened to reveal George in an army dress uniform I knew that it spelled the end for at least one of our beloved characters. With all of the crazy storylines in this show, the medical part seems to go on the backburner. We don’t really care if Izzie had Mesothelioma cancer or skin, or brain cancer. All we care about is if she’s going to live. As for George, I think most fans figured he was leaving the show, judging by the gossip, and the fact that he’s had about two lines this season (shame on you writers, George is awesome!). But I figured he’d join the army, as he said he would, and that would be the last we would hear from him, save a letter or two. I didn’t expect the incredible twist of him being the John Doe that jumped in front of a bus to save a stranger. After that secret is revealed though, it made perfect sense, and it was true to his character. O’Malley would jump in front of a bus to save a stranger.

My theory is that Izzie is going to come out of this thing, because otherwise it would shroud the show in such a huge amount of sadness that no amount of antics or storylines would shake it from its gloom. However, sad to say this, but with the way the writers have artfully written George out of the show basically, his dying would be sad, but not as missed as Izzie’s. George had no connections to anyone anymore. He wasn’t married to Callie, he wasn’t dating Izzie (that was too gross) and he’s no longer rooming with Lexie. He’s on his own, and I think him dying in this heroic way would do honor to his character, and to the actor, who if rumors are correct, wants out of the show.

I can’t wait to see what the new season has in store. On a side note, I’m also happy that Cristina and Owen are trying to make things work, and that Meredith and Derek got married on a post it. Take that Berger’s Sex and the City. Good things CAN come from post its. 😉

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