Right Place Right Time-How I Met Your Mother Recap

This episode of HIMYM we see Ted’s kids again, something the writers haven’t done in a long time. He tells them a story of how seemingly unimportant events lead him on the path to finding their mother. All of these events he retells lead him to standing on a street corner in the rain, and getting tapped on the shoulder by a woman. All through the episode we think maybe, just maybe it’s going to be the future mother. It turns out to be Stella, his ex that left him at the alter. Everyone’s got their theories on how Stella leads Ted to his future wife. I can’t really even begin to guess how she’s connected. We know it’s not her sister, because we’ve already met her. Maybe one of her friends? A coworker?
Either way, I’m just happy they’re back on track to telling us who in the hell this mother is.
Oh yeah, and Barney reaches his 200th sexual conquest. GROSS!

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