Watching TV Online

I love that we now have the ability to watch TV shows online, legally. I used to spend so much time downloading episodes of my favorite shows, half of which wouldn’t work.
Now all of the major networks give us the option to watch our favorite shows online, the day after they air. I think I may increase my notebook memory because of it. Nothing irks me more than when an episode gets all choppy, especially if it’s a really good one. Part of it is my internet connection, but I think part of it is my RAM.
Still, even with a choppy connection, it’s just so cool to have this ability to watch TV online. Websites like Hulu are even better, with streaming movies and TV shows. They even have old shows that I haven’t seen on cable in years. Pretty soon I think cable will be a thing of the past. Now if only I could hook my remote up to my computer, now that would be cool.

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