What a Difference a Day Makes-Grey's Anatomy Recap

I loved this episode so much! I loved the way the writers went with the storyline. I wanted so badly for Izzie to get married, and they made it happen. For the record, that wedding was beautiful. Having George walk her down the aisle was a great touch too.
Of course I still want to see Meredith and Derek get hitched, but I see them more as civil ceremony or backyard wedding people. Hey, the writers should have them get married on his piece of property in the woods!
Now the question is, are they going to kill off Izzie or is she going to bounce back from this? If so, what does that mean for her marriage to Alex? I do think it’s romantic that he married her, but what if she gets better? Can of worms will be opened up! But then again, isn’t that what Grey’s is so good at?
Also, I loved the sidebar with Cristina and Owen, and how he tells her his trigger for flashbacks was her ceiling fan. Cut to the end of the episode and she’s hacking the thing off the ceiling. I loved that, because I really want to see those two together.
And now for the best scene in this episode. Enjoy!

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