Change of Heart-Book Review

This book was incredibly thought provoking. Not only does it tackle hardchange-heart-157 topics like the death penalty, but also child abuse, religious freedoms, and life changing choices.

The story is about a man, Shay Borne, who is convicted of murdering a little girl and her stepfather. He’s sentenced to the death penalty, something that hasn’t been done in New Hampshire in 69 years.

He has one final request-to donate his heart to the sister of the little girl he was convicted of killing. The little girl is dying of heart failure and needs a transplant. He says he has to donate his heart in order to be redeemed. However, lethal injection would stop his heart, making his last request impossible.

Called in to counsel him is Father Michael Wright, a Catholic priest, who intends to help Shay find God, and doesn’t believe organ donation is the way to salvation. Then Shay begins performing miracles in front of inmates, officers, and even Father Michael, and challenges everything the Father believes in.

I won’t spoil this story because I think it should be on everyone’s top ten list to read or listen to on CD. It is one of the best books I’ve read in a long time, and it really makes you stop and think about the people you judge based on appearances and first impressions. It makes you really wonder if people are what they seem, or if there is something deeper beneath the surface.

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