Coupling- Awkward Moments at Their Best

Coupling is a British show that briefly came to the US. I was so disappointed when it didn’t succeed here, because the whole premise his hilarious. This show is just classic funny, talking about all the real issues that come up with dating and relationships. They aren’t afraid to talk about the awkward stuff like when a man has a “failure” in the bedroom. The show is pretty old, but I haven’t seen all the episodes, so it’s like discovering a lost season of Friends. I’m hooked, and it’s great entertainment. Thank you Netflix for instant watch!
The show centers around 6 people, 3 blokes, 3 ladies. They’re all friends, and one couple, Susan and Steve. My favorite character is the ever socially awkward Jeff, who seems like he’s on ephedrine or something else that makes him twitchy. He completely falls apart around women much to the viewer’s amusement.
Here’s a clip of Jeff at his finest. Enjoy!

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