Jon Minus Kate Plus Child Support

jon-and-kateI don’t normally watch this show, but with all the fuss and gossip surrounding this couple, it was a train wreck I just had to tune into. I watched the episode that is sure to be the demise of the series. Jon and Kate announce that they are no longer Jon and Kate plus 8, but instead Jon minus Kate, or rather, according to tabloids, Kate minus Jon, as she was the one to file for a separation.

It was sad to watch, because while I couldn’t care less what happens to these people, I feel so sorry for their kids. Reality shows are ridiculous as a whole, when you’re not involving children who get no say in the matter. As a child of divorce, my heart breaks for these kids, who will literally be able to WATCH their parents marriage fall apart. They are young enough to hopefully forget some of the moments where Kate immasculated Jon in front of them, over and over again. Or when Jon would fire back with his little snippy remarks to her. Anyone who watched this show in the last few seasons could see that the only love these two had was for their kids, not each other. Still, knowing these kids will have complete video footage so that they will never forget the sadness that fame and fortune brought them is just awful.

Of course, for all we know the kids will grow up to write a book, or have their own ridiculous reality show,  Jon and Kate’s 8, The Therapy Years. Hopefully others who strive to become famous for having too many offspring in this already overpopulated world will learn from J & K’s attrocious example. We can only hope.

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