Star Trek-Movie Review

I had high expectations for this movie, and I thought it couldn’t possibly live up to them. I was wrong. This new version of Star Trek was incredible. I thought the casting was great-the characters did a good job resembling their classic counterparts. Spock was especially convincing, and teamed up next to the original Spock, Leonard Nimoy in the movie it was easy to see why Zachary Quinto was cast. originalcastnew-trekkie-photo

I also liked the plot of this movie, and the fact that it didn’t try to just redo a movie or episode that has already been done. It was a prequel, much the theme of today’s movies. Kirk was great at being a jerk, and they didn’t overplay his character. I liked that the story centered more around Spock than Kirk to be honest. It was unexpected, but a good move. I wonder if they will try for another movie with this cast. I know I’d buy a ticket!

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