What Happens in Vegas-DVD Review

what-happens-in-vegasThere are a lot of movies about Vegas vacations out there, and most are mediocre at best. What Happens in Vegas was right there with them. I was disappointed too, because I love Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher. The two together didn’t have chemistry as a couple on screen at all.
For those who haven’t seen this movie, the plot is essentially that an uptight woman named Joy who goes out in Vegas after being dumped by her fiance and lets loose for once. Predictably, she meets Ashton’s character, Jack, the goof off polar opposite of herself. They get trashed, and end up married of course, because it’s Vegas, and this movie is predictable beyond belief.
The one twist in this story is that after realizing they’re married, and mutually agreeing to get the marriage annulled, one of them wins 3 million dollars with the other’s coin. At this point, since they’re married, each feels entitled to the money. The judge sentences them to 6 months of marriage and counseling. They learn that if one of them asks to get out of the marriage, the other gets to keep all the money. Insert antics and cheesy pranks aimed at pissing each other off enough that they’d want out, despite the money.

Of course this movie has the sappy parts where they realize they’re actually falling in love with each other, in spite of all their differences, and the fact that they barely know each other. I think I would have enjoyed this movie more if there had been some chemistry. Unfortunately it was way too much like Pierce Bronsan and Julieanne Moore’s bomb, Laws of Attraction. They get accidentally married in a drunken haze, they stay together under false pretenses, and surprise, they love each other. These couples also had about as much chemistry as two potatoes, therefore making me glad Netflix charges monthly and not per movie. In either case, I should have chose not interested on the Netflix suggestion box.

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