Wish List

I was bored at work today, and I decided to work on my birthday/Christmas/just because wish list. Here’s the list, in case anyone wants to buy me anything on it, you know, feel free! 😉

  • Wii and Wii accessories. When the weather starts cooling down again, it’d be great to have the Wii Fit to keep in shape and have fun. I like video games where you don’t have to sit still.
  • 30 Rock, How I Met Your Mother, Arrested Development, and Scrubs on DVD
  • The Outlander Series in hardback (awesome books, can’t put them down)
  • All of the Harry Potter DVDS (maybe I should wait till the last two movies are out and get a boxed set)
  • New Mattress and bedframe (might be getting this soon)
  • Chaco sneakers and sandals. They are the only shoes that I can walk in, because the have arch support. Shoemakers should be required to make all shoes this way.

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