Another New Moon Sneak Peek

Yes, I admit I am among the millions of fans anxiously awaiting the second big screen adaptation of the Twilight Series, New Moon. While this is my least favorite book of the series, it sets the stage for the next books, and introduces Jacob as a werewolf. Judging by the previews, it’s also full of sexy shirtless men, which is always fun. 🙂
While these beautiful teens are anything but typical, they also must use the best acne treatment because none of them are plagued with bad skin, nasty hair, or the other awkwardness of teenage years. Not that I’m complaining mind you. I love looking at these hunks!

Here’s a couple of new sneak peek just released for the Comic Con in San Diego. The first one shows Bella getting reckless on her motorcycle trying to conjure up visions of Edward. In the book, she hears Edward in her head, which would probably be weird for a movie. I like what the director has done by showing a vision of Edward instead. What do you think?

The second clip is from the last chapter of the book. I’m not sure why Comic Con decided to release such a giveaway, but I guess they figure everyone’s read the book and knows what to expect. Anyways, it’s the scene where Bella and Alice race through Italy on their way to stop Edward from revealing his sparkly skin to the humans.

2 thoughts on “Another New Moon Sneak Peek

  1. The links got pulled but I can’t agree with you more. This was my least favorite of the series. Its an interesting take on seeing visions of Edward which also satisfies all the Edward fans out there. And I can’t believe they showed part of the last scene but maybe they figure only nuts like us will track it down anyway.

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