Eli Stone-Series Finale

111119_D_0054I’m so sad that this show was canceled. ABC-way to fail. The network has crap reality tv and cancels some of the more brilliant shows that have aired. Eli Stone, for those who aren’t familiar, was a show about a lawyer who had two brain aneurysms, which caused visions as a side effect. These visions were of the future, and Eli used them to help change things for the better.

In the series finale, Eli has a vision of a plane crash, with one of his coworkers on board. The problem is he doesn’t know which coworker or what flight it is. He finally figures out that it’s Maggie, but as he races to the terminal, one of his aneurysms bursts, hospitalizing him. Luckily Maggie gets off the plane, because she just had a bad feeling, and ends up sitting by his side when he wakes up in the hospital.
While he was unconscious he has a vision of his father on top of the Himalayan Mountains.

The case he works on in the finale is about a heart donation and has to do with an old love interest that is said to be his soul mate. She was only in one episode, and it’s painfully obvious that Maggie is his soul mate, not the heart transplant girl. Luckily during his conversation with his dad, Eli sets that straight.

The series ends with Eli putting a picture of Maggie on his desk along with his other loved ones. It alludes to a future with her, but it doesn’t fully embrace it. We don’t really know what happens next for Eli and Maggie. I would have liked to see more closure between the two of them.I wish the writers of this show had taken a page from Scrubs, and hired some movers to move them over to another network. I know I would have followed! Of course ABC was the one who bought Scrubs, making the smart choice then. Perhaps NBC would have done the same with Eli? I guess American television just isn’t ready for something as positive and uplifting as Eli Stone was.

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