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idiocracy_24I think this is by far one of the more brilliant comedies that has come out to date. From the director of Office Space, so you know it’s going to be hilarious, is Idiocracy. The plot focuses on Joe Bauers (Luke Wilson), the “average Joe”, a military librarian who is completely average in every way. He’s chosen by the military, along with a prostitute named Rita, to be guinea pigs in a top secret experiment to hibernate soldiers. The two are to be frozen in their hibernation chambers for 1 year, but the experiment goes horribly wrong when the officer in charge is arrested, and the base is demolished, to be replaced by a Fuddruckers restaurant.
500 years pass, when Joe’s chamber is opened during a garbage “avalanche” and he awakens to the filthy apartment of Frito (Dax Shepard), who starts yelling insults at him when Joe tries to ask where he is. Frito’s apartment is covered with advertisements and Frito speaks in a moronic idiot sort of speech. Joe finds his way to a hospital where he figures out that it is 500 years in the future, and the world has completely deteriorated to crap.

A narrator explains that in the future smart people waited to have children, or didn’t have any at all while trying to advance their careers or wait for the right time, while promiscuous degenerate alcoholics spent their days having many offspring with different women, producing idiotic offspring. With this trend continuing, smart people were drastically outnumbered, until the world was full of idiots.

After a turn of events at the hospital (hilarious so I won’t ruin it for you with a recap) Joe lands in prison, where he has to take an IQ test. This sends a red flag up to the President of the United States because Joe scores higher than anyone ever has since the invention of the test, and he discovers he is the smartest person in the world. Meanwhile he finds Rita the prostitute, who has been making money off an idiot citizen and they both try to figure a way to get back to the past.
Probably one of my favorite scenes of this movie is where they go with Frito to the giant wholesale Costco, which is comically oversized. As they pass a Starbucks, Joe says he could really go for a latte, and Frito says, “we don’t have time for hand jobs right now!”. Starbucks has de-evolved into a whorehouse, where you can get all kinds of services. It just cracked me up because the Starbucks were still everywhere, and they still called their services lattes.

This movie was hilarious, but it also had a huge spoonful of truth to it, much like the movie Wall-E. The way the population boom is going, with uneducated people procreating like rabbits, while the educated, high IQ citizens are have 1-2 children, ignorant people are outnumbering smart people already. Also, just looking at TV programming, with reality shows dominating the networks, shows like “Tool Academy” and “Charm School” where idiots are given star status, and celebrating for their ignorance, you can see that Idiocracy is something that could very well happen in our not so distant future.

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