No More George on Grey's Anatomy

cover-ew-240I was browsing through one of my favorite TV quote websites, TV Fanatic, when I stumbled upon spoilers for the Fall Season of Grey’s Anatomy. Now I feel like spoilers are sort of like finding out a month early what you’re getting for Christmas. It’s kind of exciting at the time, but when it comes time to open your gift, all the excitement is gone. Still, this particular spoiler about George isn’t a surprise after the annoucement TR Knight made in June about leaving the show. Couldn’t the writers have paid him off to keep quiet until the series premiere? It would have made for a much more climatic season opener.
I’m sad that TR is packing up his moving boxes and heading out of the Grey’s studio. I feel like the good quality characters on the show are slowly leaving. What worries me is that this show will eventually turn into the crap that ER became, where maybe one or two original stars (if any??) were left by the end of the show. Why is it so hard to keep actors playing in our favorite shows? I don’t know what goes on behind the scenes, but it must be major for them to turn down millions of dollars in contract deals.

If the Grey’s cast keeps this up, I’m not sure how much longer I will watch. I can’t blame TR for leaving-the writers gave him absolutely nothing to work with for the last two seasons. He was such a key part of the show, and I feel like he got bumped out to make room for other characters. Maybe the Grey’s writers need to take a page out of the sitcom greats books, such as Seinfeld and Friends. They didn’t lose their main actors, because they gave them all equal play. Let’s hope they learned from this and we don’t lose anyone else by the end of next season.

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