Rise and Shine-Audio Book Review

This book was pretty disappointing. Reading the CD jacket, I thought Rise and Shine ,by Anne Quindlen. was going to be a book about sisters, where the younger sister finally comes into her own, and realizes she doesn’t have to live in the shadow of her older sister. Instead, it’s a book that takes the most random twists and turns, and makes me loathe both main characters.
The main character, Bridget, hears about her sister Meghan, a big shot journalist, utter two swear words on national television, which consequently gets her fired. Bridget acts like her sister losing her job was equivalent to her getting mesothelioma cancer or something else life threatening.

This book had so much potential, but instead the author went off on tangenets about the social aspects of New York City, and then a very bizarre twist where the much too old Bridget becomes pregnant with twins, by her sixty something year old boyfriend. It was random, disturbing, and just plain wrong. Meanwhile, the son of Meghan, who is completely neglected throughout Meghan’s firing and then divorce from her son’s father, gets shot and is paralyzed from the legs down. WTF? None of it made sense, nothing had to do with the main plot of the book. Also, the narrative jumps around so much I don’t know if the narrator is talking about past or present, or future. If you’re considering reading this book, leave it on the shelves.

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