Shopaholic-Book Review

confessions-shopaholicSo I finally read Confessions of a Shopaholic. I know, it took me forever.
While it was written cute and funny, I just couldn’t identify with the protagonist at all. I’ve never been a big spender. I guess that’s why I just wasn’t that into the story. The whole time I just kept thinking in my head, this girl is a complete moron! She writes for a finance magazine, but she knows nothing about budgeting her money. How can anyone be that dumb? I also think considering the tough economic times we’re in, I identify with her even less. Perhaps if I hadn’t read this book while we were in a recession I might think differently about it.

Still, there were parts that were cute, and I love Sophie Kinsella as a writer, so I won’t say it was a waste. It was such a quick read that even though it wasn’t my favorite, I don’t feel like I wasted my time with it. I still think her book, Can You Keep a Secret was far better than Shopaholic. I still might check out her other books in the series, and see if our main character has grown at all. If she hasn’t matured I think the books will get downright annoying, but if she’s learned something along the way, then it might make for a better read.

I will say that I don’t have any plans to run out and rent the movie confessions-of-shopaholic-1780adaptation of the book either, despite how adorable Isla Fischer is. I’m afraid the character she plays just might make me hate my beloved actress!

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