Going Back to School

I started taking night classes at the JC to bump up my education in the IT field. I was hired on as a techie, but I didn’t have the right kind of education to back it up. I got by on my charm alone! πŸ˜‰
So now that I’ve been with my company for almost 3 years, I decided it’s about time I hone up on my skills. A degree in Zoology isn’t exactly going to cut it in the IT industry. So I’m in a beginning networking class, learning the ropes.

I felt like such a nerd because I was so excited about bringing my new fancy laptop bag to class, and my
Custom usb drive with my company’s name on the side. Even when I was a little girl I liked new school supplies. The smell of new pencils, the shiny new binder with my favorite stickers on it. I guess even in my 20s that new school supplies excitement hasn’t worn off.

I missed college a lot after I graduated, but now I’m remembering all the stuff I didn’t miss. Deadlines, quizzes, reading assignments. ACK! Now if I were only in school this wouldn’t be so bad, but I’m got a full time job too. And a blog I like to keep fairly up to date. Guess which one is getting neglected? πŸ˜‰ So hopefully this semester I’ll be able to do this juggling act. If you don’t see me update my posts, or if I’m all of a sudden doing book reviews on Windows Command Line, you’ll know it’s because that’s the only book I’ll have time to read!!

One thought on “Going Back to School

  1. The balance thing is really hard. I did the same thing you did last semester and took an accounting class to back up my job. I did well.. but I’ll be honest… I didn’t enjoy school. Good luck! I could probably do with some techy info anyway πŸ™‚

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