Mad Men Yourself

As if the AMC Show Mad Men weren’t cool enough, now they have a site where you can “Mad Men” yourself and turn yourself into a cartoon of one of the characters of this early 1960s based show. I opted for the equestrian apparel so I could be like my favorite character, the ever deranged housewife, Betty. The website is hilarious! I love how when you define yourself as male or female it’s “suits” or “skirts”. It was just what I needed to fill time during a particularly boring work day. Go check it out. Here’s my Mad Men version of me (which looks nothing like me!). Hanging out at the horse stables with my martini because it’s the 60s and it’s socially acceptable to have a drink in the middle of the day. We’re missing something here in the 2000’s. new-picture-1

One thought on “Mad Men Yourself

  1. OMG I’m having so much fun! My fiance and I are doing a “vintage picnic” for our engagement shoot and I’m totally enthralled with the picnic scene.

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