Cougar Town-Series Premiere

cougar-town-pic_432x375I am a die hard Friends fan, and I adore Courtney Cox. So I had high hopes for her new series on ABC, and Cougar Town did not disappoint. I was a bit worried that all the funny parts were in the promos, but it was pretty funny throughout the show. I found myself laughing out loud at Courtney’s character, Jules, a 40 something recent divorcee and mother to a teenage son.

Her younger friend convinces her to get back out in the dating world and get her groove back Stella style. It’s funny to watch Jules because she says everything that she thinks. “Wow, you’re really black” to the big African American bouncer. It sounds terrible, but the way she says it is just adorable, and the bouncer gives her this wink and says, “Yeah baby”, and you just crack up. I am also so guilty of blurting out things without thinking, so I can relate to her.

Even through the jokes and the silly antics, there is also a serious note to the show. Jules has this hatred for her divorced neighbor (who happens to be a total hottie) who is constantly bringing over young bimbos to have his way with. She gives him a deep speech about how hard it is to be single at 40.

Now it can’t be so hard for Courtney Cox, who looks incredible at 45. I wish I knew what fat burners exercises she does because at 45, she looks better than my 26 yr old self!

She pulls off the sexy Cougar mom thing, but the show isn’t just about sex appeal. It’s also about a mom who’s struggling with this new life, trying to maintain her friendship with her still married best friend/next door neighbor, and also trying to be a good mom to her son. I hope this show makes it, because I thought it was great!

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