Love Happens

love-happens_mThings have been so busy lately between apartment hunting, work, and night class that I haven’t had time to do much of anything recreational. I finally had some downtime at work and I was checking out new movies that are out. I really want to see Jennifer Aniston’s new movie, Love Happens. I swear that woman must use the best wrinkle cream because she still looks like she’s in her 30s. How does she do it? Anyways, I’m thinking this is one for video, because it looks pretty sad. I hate watching sad movies on the big screen. I wind up crying into my popcorn like a sucker, and come out of the movie looking like I just got dumped! So I’ll save this one for a girl’s night in. What do you guys think? Does Jenn’s new movie look interesting? Are there other new releases you’re looking forward to watching?

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