Modern Family-Bike Thief

bikethiefModern Family is one of my favorite new shows. In this episode, Phil buys his son a bike, and then later he sees the bike just carelessly tossed aside without a lock. He decides to teach his kid a lesson by taking the bike and hiding it. He then rides the bike home, when his sexy neighbor asks for help. He carelessly drops the bike, and helps the sexy neighbor get into her house, where she’s locked herself out. He lies to his wife, and makes it sound far worse than what it was. He also discovers that the bike was stolen while he was helping her. He should probably look into some life insurance rates because his wife looked like she was ready to murder him.

Meanwhile the gay couple take their adopted daughter to her first Mommy and Me class. It’s funny because Mitchell insists that Cameron dumb down his gay personality so they wouldn’t scare the uptight Mommies. At the end of class another gay couple comes in and they see that it would have been completely fine.

This show is laugh out loud funny. D and I crack up every time we watch it. I like how there are some good, honest family moments mixed in with the laughs. Jay’s stepson is waiting for his dad to pick him up and take him to Disneyland, and he’s so excited for the trip. When he never shows up, Jay steps in, and tells Mannie that his dad suggested Jay and his mom take him instead. Jay gives up his weekend alone with his new wife to help out her son. I love the quote he gives too, “90% of being a good dad is just showing up.”

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