Modern Family-New Series on ABC

This is another one of the great new series that came out this Fall, and I have to say, I love it. The show focuses on three different couples, and their daily lives. I love the way they sit the couples down like they’re being interviewed, cutting back and forth between their life and their commentary on it. There’s Jay, who recently married Gloria, a beautiful Columbian woman, who is half Jay’s age and has a preteen son from a previous relationship. There is Claire, Jay’s daughter, and her husband Phil, who is trying way too hard to be a hip cool dad and be in touch with his kid. There’s a really funny scene where he does all the dance moves to High School Musical while his three kids sit on the couch completely mortified. I think Phil steals the show-he cracks me up with all his young speak, that he gets wrong half the time. Then there’s the gay couple, Mitchell and Cameron, who recently adopted a little girl from Vietnam. Mitchell is Jay’s son, and Jay is pretty uncomfortable with the whole gay thing. He acts as if people are talking about cleansonix every time there’s even a reference to his son’s sexuality. This show is completely relatiable, there’s a least one character who is like someone in your own family, and you can’t help but laugh at all their antics. Definitely worth checking out!

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