Neil Patrick Harris and the Emmys

I love Neil Patrick Harris (NPH!) first of all. I love that he hosted The Emmys and I hope he gets to do it again next year. Now, I will confess, I didn’t even watch this year’s Emmys, I just watched clips online after the fact. I rarely know when things air, and I rely on the internet to catch all the shows that I miss. So I thought it was pretty ironic that a lot of talk on this year’s Emmys was concerning “Broadcast Television” and how it’s becoming a thing of the past because of streaming video online.
On the one hand I can see why those in the television business are concerned about it. They rely on advertising, and advertisers pay big bucks for their commercials, and here a lot of viewers just tune into the network’s webpage and opt for the limited commercial edition.
Still, were it not for TIVO, digital recorders, or the internet, many of us wouldn’t watch our favorite shows.

Let’s face it, life is just too busy to watch tv during regularly scheduled time slots. Now, I still love to catch my favorite shows right when they air, but it doesn’t always happen. That or D and I don’t agree on a tv show, and I won’t force him to suffer through Grey’s Anatomy if he hates it (Plus when I do watch it with him there, he just makes fun of it, and I miss all the good parts!!) And how many of us would love to just fast forward through those awkward colon cleanse reviews commercials given the choice? Of course we would! So we are in the age of techology, that gives us options instead of becoming a slave to the television programming schedule.

So what do you think? Do you think broadcast tv is becoming phased out for streaming videos online? Do you catch up on your favorite shows, record them, or do you watch them as they air?

Here’s a little clip of NPH’s opening act. Isn’t he adorable?

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