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I listened to the audio book Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz  a long time ago odd-thomasand I loved it. I recently discovered that there are a bunch of other books in the series, Forever Odd and Brother Odd, Odd Hours and In Odd We Trust. How great is it when you love a character and then discover that there’s more books abou them?

So I’m currently listening to Forever Odd, and I thought I’d give you guys a review of Odd Thomas. Odd Thomas is the main character’s given name. His parents were cruel it seems. Or maybe they knew he would live up to that name, because Odd has some very strange gifts.

He has the ability to see ghosts. Now, let me just stop and say that I’m the world’s biggest scardy cat! I can’t stand scary movies and I am a total chicken. Books are even more scary because of the whole imagination thing, but for some reason I still love this book. I get spooked, but Kootz is great at getting you into the story, and it allows you to see past the creepiness.

The ghosts are actually good, they come to Odd because they know he can help them. Thes ghosts can’t talk, but otherwise they are as real to Odd as any other person. He can see them, and he can even touch them. Sometimes the ghosts come to him for justice, and other times they try to help prevent a crime.

In this first book, Odd Thomas, Odd introduces us to his world of the supernatural. Not only does he have the ability to see ghosts, but he also has a way of “sensing things” and this sense usually leads him to the killer. There are only a few people who know about his gift. One of these people is the police chief, who Odd helps solve crimes with his paranormal tips.

I won’t say much more about the book, just that you definitely have to check it out if you like books with suspense. Odd Thomas finds himself trying to prevent a crime of catastrophic proportions. Told in first person, and switching from present to the past, you find yourself suffering right along with Odd thoughout this ordeal. Odd’s world is mysterious and sad, and it will definitely haunt you long after you’ve finished reading.

Also, if you check out the author’s website, there is a web site directory with more information about Odd Thomas and the series. I wouldn’t look through it until after you’ve read the first book though, just so it doesn’t spoil anything for you. Half the thrill of these books is trying to figure out what will happen next.

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