Thinking of Moving…Again

D and I are talking about moving again. I feel like I bounce houses so fast the postal service must seriously hate me. I would really love to be settled in a place I can call home, and stay there for longer than a year. I know that’s probably not going to happen until D settles down into a career, but you can’t blame me for being anxious!

We’ve quickly outgrown our 1 bedroom apartment. We both need another room we can go to, be it for studying, having guests over, or just a little alone time. We also really need a yard for the pup. We just went on vacation and stayed in a rental house, and I can’t tell you how nice it was to just open the back door for our pup when he needed to tinkle instead of tromping downstairs, putting on the leash, and so forth.

Still, our place isn’t that bad. We’ve got a garage, washer and dryer in the bathroom, and we only share a wall with one neighbor. So part of me thinks we should just stick it out and keep saving our money. Plus D’s parents have hinted that they want to go to Europe again for a few months, and suggested that we live in their house and house sit. Now that would be incredible! Would it be rude to ask them to go now? 😉

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