Ender's Game-Audio CD Review

This was a science fiction book that I wasn’t sure I was going to like, but from the first few lines, I was hooked. I love books set in the future, where crazy things have happened to the world.
In this particular book, Andrew Wiggins, or “Ender” has been a part of a government project from the day he was born. He has been living with a monitor connected to his body, that monitors every move he makes, every thought he has. The monitor is then removed, and he is watched to see how he’ll do when he thinks he’s entirely alone.

Ender goes through hell in this book, as he is chosen to be trained as a military fighter. They are training young children to fight in an impending war against aliens, whom they’ve nicknamed the “buggers”. There is a lot going on in this book, and far too much to write about. It breaks your heart to read about this little boy, who never gets the chance to be a kid. He never gets to sit with his family and open
holiday gifts , he never gets to just play. The “games” the children play in battle school are all training sessions for the real thing.

I was surprised to learn that this book was written in the 80s, before personal computers were all the rage. The book deals with laptops, called “desks” and the author’s insight into future technology was almost eerie. It’s a great book about morals, and nature versus nurture. While it is sad in parts, I definitely think it’s a book worth reading, or listening to in my case!

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  1. This was the book that made me give Sci Fi a chance. It love this book. I have a signed copy. So glad you liked it! There is a whole series about Ender, you shoud check out more of them…

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