Grey-s Anatomy-Invasion


The Mercy West doctors are here. I love how Seattle Grace “ran out of blue scrubs” so now the Mercy West docs are in orange. So it’s obvious the blue vs orange dynamic.

My heart hurt for Callie, when she realized her father wasn’t there to reconcile but to “pray away the gay.” I’m glad they patched things up, and I absolutely loved the scene between Arizona and Callie’s father. “I love your daughter, and I fight for the people I love.”

I can’t BELIEVE they fired Izzie! What happens now?! That was all she had going for her, to keep her strong. I’m mad that she jumped to the conclusion that it’s Alex’s fault and that she left him. After all that he did for her…she’s leaving him? He tried to keep her job for her. After all the hype from last season, I was like, what now she’s leaving the show? But then I did a little digging and it looks like she’s on a five week maternity leave to spend time with her new baby. So that’s a relief! Because Izzie and Alex are meant to be together, and the show just wouldn’t be the same without the two of them.

I appreciated the breakdown that Cristina has in front of Meredith. I love it when the writers make Cristina vulnerable. She really needs a cardio god to come into play. It makes me wonder, especially after watching Private Practice, are they going to send over PP’s very own McHandsome, Sam Bennett? He would be a great addition to Seattle Grace, but he’s also pretty sensitive. I don’t know if that will blend very well with Cristina and her dark and twistiness. I wonder how long they’ll let Cristina suffer before they let her shine in the surgery room again.

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